Our Queens and Studs

All of our queens and studs are DNA and health tested and are negative for HCM, PKD, SMA, and FeLV


Stormi was the first queen we had at our cattery.  She is a black smoke female. Stormi is a very sweet girl who loves playing with strings.  She came to us from Ohio.

Rocketmans Nebula aka Bula (Future Queen)

Bula is a black silver classic tabby.  Every morning she yells at me while I’m getting her food around.  She was born in our cattery and is the daughter of Stormi and Yeti.  She is the only cat in this house that does not like treats.  She loves playing with all of her brothers and wrestling with them.  She is a very smart girl and is very sweet.

Luxurious Paws Magical Smoke Lyla

Lyla is a black smoke female.  She is the sweetest girl and loves to cuddle with everyone.  She is always walking around chirping to everyone.  She loves to sit in the window and watch the birds.  Lyla is from Indiana.

Aurorich Nephele aka Angel (Future Queen with Blue Eyes)

Angel is a black silver torbie with white female.  She has blue eyes which is pretty rare for a Maine Coon.  Maine Coons with blue eyes must be white or with white.  Every morning she talks to us while waiting for her food.  She is always purring and is such a happy girl.  Angel came to us from Estonia.

Ventura House Narnia (Future Queen)

Narnia is a solid red female.  She came to us from Russia. She is lovable and cuddly. This queen will give us red male kittens.

Rocketmans Chanel aka Nelly (Future Queen)

Nelly is a black silver shaded female Maine Coon.  She is such a sweet girl and just goes limp when you hold her in your arms.  Nelly was born in our cattery and her parents are Baby Doll and Pablo.  She got both of their sweet and loving personalities.  We are hoping she will give us kittens as sweet as she is.


Wreign is a black smoke female Maine Coon.  Wreign loves her treats and being brushed.  She is half sister to Stormi and also came from Ohio.  She was our second queen to our cattery.

Ozana Darkwood aka Squirrel

Squirrel is a black torbie (tortoiseshell tabby) female Maine Coon.  She has given birth to our largest litter to date at our cattery with 10 kittens!  She is a sweet girl who makes cute noises when she is being pet.  She came to us from Croatia and is sister to  retired queen Odesa.

Lambokitty Romeo the Romancer (Future Stud)

Romeo is the third stud of our cattery.  He is a black shaded male Maine Coon.  He is a lovable friendly boy who loves attention and is very playful.  He came to us from Norway.

Pablo d'Oracol

Pablo is the second stud to come to our cattery.  He is a high black smoke male Maine Coon.  We call him Mr. Escobar.  He is a very friendly boy who loves to rub into your legs.  He came to us from Romania.

Retired Queens and Studs

These are our queens and studs who have been retired from breeding.  They have been spayed/neutered and are now in a loving pet home.  If you are interested in giving a home to one of our retired queens or studs, please email us to get on our waitlist. We do not have retired cats often so there will be a wait for one. They are offered at a discounted price.  All of the retired cats below have already been placed in new homes.

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